Patient Testimonials

Patient #1:

Patient #2:

I have been coming to see Dr. Ruddy for about 1 year. I was at the end of my rope and totally frustrated by my previous doctor. I had headaches everyday. I was exhausted, irritable and unhappy. I was also being pumped with medicines to help my migraines and headaches but was not seeing results. Today I’m a completely different person. I feel great, actually like myself. I have more energy, less pain and my mood is really improved. The dietary changes that Dr. Ruddy recommended along with supplements changed my life! For the first time I felt like a doctor really wanted me to be healthy. Dr. Ruddy is the first doctor to tell me we were going to find out the cause of my symptoms, something that seems so basic to healthcare but no one had ever even tried to get down to the bottom of it. I just thought I had these problems and that was normal. If you’re considering trying naturopathic medicine, you will definitely be on your way to optimal health. Your naturopathic doctor will be legitimately concerned about your health and figure out why you’re having problems instead of just treating the symptom. It’s amazing that I can feel this good without any medications, and it’s going to get even better.

-Mary Beth Johnson

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Patient #4:

My decision to see a Naturopathic Doctor was an easy one. I knew that seeing an ND would mean that I would be treated as a whole person and the treatment approach would be to uncover the underlying causes of my concerns. I chose to work with Dr. Ruddy because of his kind and compassionate nature and expertise in many areas of medicine. He is extremely intelligent, articulate, patient, and motivating.

My concerns when I came to see Dr. Ruddy were numerous. I had been six months without a menstrual period. My husband and I desired to become pregnant in the next couple of years and I wanted to make sure I was having normal cycles and as healthy as possible for the future baby. Dr. Ruddy prepared a treatment plan that helped me regain a normal menstrual cycle in a few months, taught me how to better manage stress in my life, and helped me understand nutritional and environmental factors that were influencing my health. I am very satisfied with my treatment from Dr. Ruddy and he has had a tremendous positive impact on my life.

As a physician, I find it hard to let myself be doctored. With Dr. Ruddy, I feel I have found a true health guide that I can trust. I feel prepared to have a baby knowing I have done all that I can to be well. I feel confident in Dr. Ruddy’s ability to address my concerns wholly. I look forward to continuing to work with Dr. Ruddy as my family grows!


Patient #5:

Before seeing Dr. Ruddy my health was poor. I was only 21 but had the energy and stamina of an 80 year old. My immune system did not rebound from mono and I was getting chronic UTIs and strep infections. I was also depressed and felt I would never get better. I sought a Naturopathic Doctor because I felt that my mainstream doctor was not helping me heal after mono and was just treating my symptoms. In one year I took more than 15 rounds of antibiotics, each with side effects of their own. I wanted whole-body healing and a doctor who would listen and take seriously my concerns and I found that in Dr. Ruddy. After the first appointment with him I was very pleased with how he approached my case. He is very respectful and wonderfully caring, knowledgeable and trustworthy. My health has since improved greatly. Dr. Ruddy has taught me how to help my body heal itself with exercise, supplements and food. I got relief from pain, depression, digestive issues and other symptoms. In addition to healing, Dr. Ruddy teaches self-empowerment. He has empowered me to be involved in my own healing process and inspired me to live the life I want.

-Lydia Huck

Patient #6:

I was experiencing extreme fatigue before I began my naturopathic care with Dr. Ruddy. Today, I am feeling much better: I can get through my workday without having to push myself to keep going. I can sit down in the evening without falling asleep in my chair. My previous drive and ambition are coming back. I used to always be upbeat and energetic; that is coming back and today I feel more and more like myself again. I now understand the mistreatment of my hormonal balance for so many years had caused the fatigue. I also learned about foods that can suppress my optimal function. I now see a much better future for myself.

-Pam Schulz