Your First Visit

A typical first visit with a patient takes about 75 minutes and follow-ups are approximately 45 minutes. New patients generally find this to be a very pleasant surprise, and a stark contrast to what they were accustomed to in the conventional setting. NDs need sufficient time to ask questions and understand each patient’s health goals. They also need time to gather information, do an appropriate examination and teach their patients about managing their condition and improving their health. They may also employ some diagnostic tests to fully understand their patient’s health status. Besides taking the time to carefully and fully assess a patient’s root problem, NDs speak and understand the language of conventional medicine, allowing effective integration of the two therapeutic approaches. Preventive Medicine is also another strong suit; instead of waiting for a disease to emerge, Naturopathic Doctors work to head it off before it happens. Therefore, through naturopathic care patients achieve WELLness in the truest sense of the word.